Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Job (2010)

Plot: BUBBA BRADY (Patrick Flueger) lives in a dying industrial town where opportunity has dried up like prairie grass. What keeps him afloat is the promise of JOY (Taryn Manning), Bubba’s reason-for-being, a fragile former child actress. Bubba meets JIM (Ron Perlman), a drifter who never stays anywhere longer than 72 hours, and his luck seems to change. In exchange for Bubba’s offer of a parking spot for his jalopy, Jim gives him a lead on local employment office, a tip he got from a guy whose tire he helped fix. There, the agency guy, PERRIMAN (Joey Pantoliano) offers him a job on the spot. But the job is not all that it appears. Though the opportunity is real, Bubba will have to learn if he has the killer instincts to do what it requires. ‘The Job’ is a funny, frightening vision of a world not so far from our own.


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