Monday, August 2, 2010

New Piranha 3D Poster, Photo, and Controversial Comic-Con Footage

Piranha 3-D is looking to kick start the "3-D horror season" when it opens on August 20. Resident Evil: Afterlife will continue the tradition on September 10 and Saw 3D will close the season on October 29. With the opening just a few weeks away, Dimension has released a new UK quad poster, as well as the first official photo of the movie's razor-toothed creature. 

Despite Dimension's interest in the movie, director Alexandre Aja recently told Fangoria that he had to tone down Piranha 3-D, though he promises the movie features "30 unique deaths" and that they "didn’t repeat the same thing twice."
They were scared about too much blood. They were scared about too much boobs. So I had to tone it down. But I still think it will deliver on both levels and people will be surprised, but they will be even more surprised with the director’s cut. Five or six minutes of extreme footage will be put back in. Piranha is a pretty expensive movie, and it’s not only [about] sustaining the genre but the audience, so we had to get rid of some of the violence and other gory stuff, but DVD is more open.
Aja swears that Piranha 3-D is "not a remake" of Joe Dante's 1978 Piranha, despite their similar story lines, but one thing that distances Piranha 3-D from Piranha is, well, its 3-D. The latest photo from the movie depicts one the nasty, bloodthirsty, prehistoric piranha (really, is there any other kind of prehistoric piranha?), which audiences will likely get to see swimming around their faces.

Aja tried to show fans a sneak preview of the movie at this year's Comic-Con, until organizers deemed the 8 minutes of footage "too graphic" for the convention, forcing Aja to show the footage at a nearby movie theater. Moviefone has managed to get a copy of the footage, which depicts a piranha attack on a lake full of Spring break revelers. Check out the footage here (But be forewarned - the clip is extremely graphic - nauseating, in fact.)

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